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Updated: Jun 18, 2019

It is no secret that there are a lot of really loud people in the world. Everyone I know is polarized in some way or another. There is a cacophony of opinions swirling through the air at all times. Do we really need one more voice shouting from the rooftops about what they believe?

Before I decided to throw myself into the blogosphere, I really had to ask myself what I had to offer to the world. What did I have to say that had never been said before? Why did I think that the world needed my voice--the voice of a well-educated, millennial white woman--adding another layer to the dissonant screeching we all encounter every day?

I still don't have an answer for those questions. I still think I am probably a little crazy for putting my innermost musings out into the world for anyone to read, critique, agree with, or hate. But, here I am, typing furiously, trying to make a mark on the world around me. And, I think, if you are here reading this, you are probably looking to do the same thing--to leave the world a little better than you found it.

I may be foolish in thinking my blog can make any difference at all, but I hope that it will. Perhaps that is more than half the battle in these instances, anyway. Choosing to hope in spite of the devastation we see everyday is the most courageous thing we can ever choose to do, and it is time for me to choose.

And, in the name of complete honesty, I have never been very skilled in the art of keeping my mouth shut. So, here I am, big mouth and all, deciding to explore my faith, the world, and the places where they intersect.

Confessions of a wannabe priest is the birth of a desire in my heart to follow the path leading me away from a world defined in dualisms and evangelicalism into a world full of gracious tension and possibility.

Thanks for joining me on the journey.

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